KONA stands for a low-key personal approach and the bridge between technology and creativity

On one hand there is the hard side of engineering and on the other the soft side of furnishing. These aspects come together during realization of the project. In the implementation phase, the difficulty lies in consultation with contractors and executing parties. KONA is the discussion partner of these parties and thus bears the weight of the technical and architectural aspect. KONA filters this information and only passes on to the client what is really important. This allows the client to focus on the fun part: the design itself.

KONA STUDIO - Lobke Lauwers
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KONA From Old Norse ‘kona’, from Proto-Germanic *kwenǭ.
[ kho-nah] Noun • f 1. woman 2. Icelandic unisex name.

Lobke Lauwers started KONA. Lobke has a broad background in the (international) interior world. Visually, KONA’s designs radiate tranquility with beautiful tailor-made solutions, broad research into material applications and a delicate sensitivity in detailing.

Approachable and personal is the attitude
of KONA.studio

KONA gives the client the freedom to provide input as much as possible. That makes an interior personal. A space is a reflection off the wishes of the client. KONA stands with both feet on the ground, next to the client.

KONA Studio - Project
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Making a design is like a good book

You’re excited to turn to a new page. It is easy to read but well thought over. This is how KONA sees an interior project.

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