The space as a reflection of those who reside within

Whether it’s a family home, workplace or second home, it’s all about comfortable surroundings that are fitting for you. The challenge is to find the balance between the desires of the client and what the space needs to perform to its maximum potential. A personal approach is paramount here.

Every assignment requires a
personalized process

KONA stays away from fixating on a specific design style. By doing so, KONA is a shapeshifter who adapts to the wishes of the client, without losing their own identity. This adaption goes further than just involvement,, it requires mutual trust and equality. Each individual has a unique identity and story. KONA articulates this uniqueness into their projects.

  • Meeting
  • Schematic design
  • 2D & 3D Design
  • Aesthetic guidance
  • Meeting

    KONA starts a project based on mutual trust with the client. A combination of technical expertise, creativity and intuition is important here. During a first acquaintance we can see whether there is a click and continue from there.

    Schematic design

    Making the appropriate spatial layout is the second step. KONA converts the client’s wishes into tangibly architectural elements by examining the proportions of the space. Outlining a number of options here is important, nothing is nicer than knowing that you are making the right choice.


    2D & 3D Design

    In each project, a client brings their own palette of wishes and preferences to the table. KONA uses this, along with their knowledge and curiosity for colour, texture and material, to bring life to the space. The result is presented by means of two and three-dimensional design.


    Aesthetic guidance

    Nothing comes closer to the heart than creating a dream home. If your wishes go beyond making a design, KONA also assists with the actual realization of the project. KONA places their selves next to the client and thus bridges the gap between design and technical implementation.

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